Niacin Max Review; The Ultimate Vitamin B3 Supplement

NiacinMax ReviewNiacin Max is one of the latest and most powerful niacin supplements on the market. It is scientifically formulated and bio structured to improve your oxygen flow by up to 50% and boost your HGH levels by over 600%.

By reading this Niacin Max review, you will be amazed to know that this product is truly revolutionary!

One fatal flaw with many supplements is that only 10-15% of the active ingredient actually enters your bloodstream. This isn’t an issue with Niacin Max as it delivers up to 90% of the pure niacin content straight to the bloodstream. The result is 45 times more efficient and powerful than other available niacin supplements.

Before reading this long Niacin Max review article, it’s good to see the summary of product benefits. Here’s a look at what you can expect to gain when taking Niacin Max:

  1. Increased Red Blood Cell Production – This increases your blood flow and ensures that plenty of oxygen and nutrients reach your muscles, giving you more energy, less fatigue, and the power to push yourself to your limits and beyond.
  2. Human Growth Hormone Levels Pushed to Over 600% – Higher levels of HGH means that you recover faster, burn through fat quicker, and develop muscles faster. It’s like ordering express delivery on the body of your dreams!
  3. Improved Oxygen Flow – Niacin Max improves oxygen flow to the brain to bolster your focus and concentration. Your reaction speed is heightened, and you’ll be making faster decisions to give yourself an advantage over the competition.
  4. Superior Delivery System – Niacin Max is delivered in a dissolving tongue strip that’s infused with liposomal encapsulation technology. This system delivers a high dose of 75mg of pure niacin directly to your bloodstream. Niaci Max is the fastest acting and powerful niacin supplement there is today.

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What is Niacin?

We could hardly have a Niacin Max review without looking at just what niacin is. Niacin, also known as nicotinic acid, is one of the forms of vitamin B3. It is mainly used in processes where cells turn proteins, fats, and carbohydrates into energy. To put this simply niacin is used to release energy from food.

Niacin is needed to keep your cardiovascular system and nervous system healthy. It also bolsters your immune system and is needed for over 50 other bodily processes and functions. Niacin is used in:

  • Cell respiration – this means that niacin oxygenates the body and helps cells “breathe.”
  • It dilates the blood vessels to open them up and improve circulation
  • Is used in the formation of red blood cells
  • Keeps cells safe from free radical damage
  • Removes triglycerides (fats) from the bloodstream and tissues in your body
  • Keeps the nervous system function properly
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Boosts the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach to increase digestion
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Keeps skin and hair healthy
  • Controls cholesterol levels and increases the levels of good cholesterol (HDL)

Because niacin is used to produce the energy, it is vital for athletes to get enough of it to fuel their training and competition. It’s also needed by bodybuilders, as well as anyone else looking to stay active. The reason that it’s able to improve performance so much is the blood flow increasing effect, along with its ability to improve the production of red blood cells and HGH.

About Niacin Max

We’ll now be looking at Niacin Max itself in the Niacin Max review. This premium supplement was put together by Wolfson Berg Limited; a trusted pharmaceutical supplier and manufacturer with over ten years experience. The company headquarter can be found in Hamburg, Germany.

All of the supplements that Wolfson Berg make are created using pure pharmaceutical grade ingredients, and they are manufactured in only the finest FDA-approved facilities. Wolfson Berg also performs research in nutraceuticals to guarantee that their supplements provide the best possible results.

One of the effects of Niacin Max is that boosts red blood cell count and blood flow. By doing this, it increases the delivery of oxygen, nutrients and hormones around the body and to the muscles. This keeps your energy levels up during endurance training and competition. It also boosts HGH levels to increase your muscle gains and aid in the recovery process.

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Niacin Max Benefits

In the world of sports, a split-second decision or reaction can make the difference between winning and losing. That’s why you always need to perform at your best both mentally and physically. You’re either top of your game or bottom of the medal table.

Here’s a look at some of the benefits of Niacin Max:

1. Improved Oxygen Circulation up to 50%

The oxygen that you breathe in provides your body with up to 90% of the total energy you need. Oxygen is that all important fuel that keeps your body and brain running properly. If you don’t have enough oxygen, then you won’t be able to perform at your peak. Boosting blood-oxygen levels boosts your overall performance.

Niacin Max increases your blood flow, boosts your red blood cell count, and keeps your cells from being damaged by oxidative stress. As such, it gives you the power to reach both your physical and mental peak.

2. Improved Human Growth Hormone Levels over 600%

One of the main ways to trigger the release of HGH is through exercise. Roughly 90 minutes of intense exercise will increase HGH production up to 300%. You can also get the same results from around 30 minutes of heavy resistance training; which is pretty good news for resistance trainers and bodybuilders.

The even better news as far as HGH production is concerned is that a study published in 2008 shows that Niacin can increase HGH levels during exercise by as much as 600%. HGH is needed to develop your muscles and help you recover from training. The more you have, the better you can be.

3. Increased Red Blood Cell Production

We already mentioned how important oxygen is in this Niacin Max Review. Red blood cells are just as important as oxygen because they carry the oxygen around. They also make up about 45% of the volume of your blood. The more red blood cells you have, the more oxygen coursing through your body.

The more oxygen you have reaching your muscles, the better you can perform. This is a process known as blood building, and bodybuilding communities are always discussing ways to do it safely and legally. Niacin Max is one of the best ways to do so.

Niacin is what is known as a natural erythropoietin stimulating agent, or ESA. This means that it increases levels of erythropoietin, the hormone responsible for producing red blood cells. Increasing your EPO levels in this manner means that niacin helps in the production of red blood cells. New red blood cells are also more efficient at carrying blood through the body than the older one.


Niacin Max Review; Why is It Different from Other Supplements?

No matter what you’re taking a pill, powder or liquid based supplement for it needs to make its way through your gastrointestinal tract before it reaches the bloodstream. It’s only then that it can be absorbed by the cells.

It could take a normal supplement up to four hours before it passes through the digestive system and is absorbed by your blood cells. Niacin Max is able to bypass the digestive system entirely to deliver you a dose of pure niacin in moments.

Liposomal encapsulation: NiacinMax review

Niacin Max isn’t a pill or powder; it’s a thin strip of film. This film dissolves on the tongue, means the niacin in the supplement absorbed through the mucosal tissue. From there it can directly enter the bloodstream and get to work in minutes. Another benefit of this is that Niacin Max won’t upset your stomach like other supplements. This can be a real problem if you haven’t eaten anything and it’s one Niacin Max completely avoids.

This liposomal encapsulation also protects the niacin in Niacin Max until it reaches your cells so you won’t lose any before it can be absorbed; another common problem with traditional supplements that you won’t find with Niacin Max.

These Liposomes are microscopic bubbles that coat the niacin like armor. They keep the niacin safe and protect it from any damage as it is delivered safely to the bloodstream.

After the liposomes and niacin reach your bloodstream these liposomes fuse with the cells there. This enables them to directly deliver the niacin straight to the cells. These liposomes are made from the phospholipids that make up the protective membranes that surround your cells. When they are made properly a liposome has almost the exact same structure as the cells in your body.

Wolfson Berg has spent years perfecting the strongest liposomes to ensure that their Niacin Max supplement has the best bioavailability. The liposomes used in Niacin Max have been formulated using only the purest and powerful phosphatidylcholine (PC). This is a nutritious form of phospholipid that gives the cell membranes in your body the nourishment they need to stay healthy.

It also creates the highest quality liposomes with the most bioavailability, strength, and stability possible. To put it simply, the niacin in this product is better protected, absorbed, and more efficient than any other niacin supplement.

How to Take Niacin Max

The Niacin Max strips come in citrus flavor, and they provide you with a 75mg dose of pure niacin. To take NiacinMax, you just need to put the niacin strip under your tongue. It will instantly dissolve and deliver the dose of pure niacin straight to your cells through the bloodstream.

You should take Niacin Max once a day. It should be taken first thing in the morning before you eat breakfast.

how-to-take-niacin-maxTo get the most out of your Niacin Max, you should begin training 3-5 hours after you take it. This is because it takes a short time for the HGH boosting effects to occur.

If you want to get even more of the HGH-release effects of Niacin Max, then you can also take a second dose roughly 3-4 hours before going to bed. If you’re someone who trains five times a week, then for this Niacin Max review we recommend taking Niacin Max in this manner.

Don’t forget; that thanks to the liposomal encapsulation technology and the unique delivery system, Niacin Max is 45 times more effective than your typical 100mg pill. This means that if you were to take two Niacin Max strips in a day, it would be the equivalent of 90 tablets.

Niacin Max Side Effects

Niacin Max can be considered 100% safe to use, given that Niacin is an essential vitamin (B3) that everyone needs. Niacin Max is made using only the purest pharmaceutical grade ingredients. It is manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities. Niacin Max is also put together using first-rate, CE approved equipment. Niacin Max was developed and designed by a European bioscience laboratory. It has been subjected to extensive in vivo testing to ensure that it is safe for use.

Many supplements can irritate your stomach lining. This is more likely to happen when the supplements are taken on an empty stomach. The unique, dissolving tongue strip of Niacin Max ensures that the supplement enters the bloodstream directly. It never passes through the stomach and, as such, can’t cause any irritation.

Niacin Max does have the same side effect as every other Niacin supplement in that it causes flushing. The good news is that even the flushing of Niacin Max is reduced. A niacin-induced flush can induce a tingling sensation and reddened skin. This flushing is caused by the increased blood flow as niacin expands your blood vessels.

This vasoactive effect is necessary. It is the key to the oxygen increase and the delivery of nutrients and hormones through the body. This flush is proof that the niacin is having an effect and is working. It should also only last only a few minutes and lessens each time you use Niacin Max.

Where to Buy/Legality/Guarantee

At the time of writing this Niacin Max review, you can only buy Niacin Max directly through the official website. This isn’t a bad thing, however, as it ensures you are only getting the genuine product.

It is completely legal for an athlete to use pure vitamin supplements. Remember that Niacin is a Vitamin B3 form, which means that Niacin Max is both a legal and ethical way to enhance your performance and get the advantage you need over the competition. Niacin Max is not currently on the international standard prohibited list of the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency).

Wolfson Berg believes in Niacin Max so much that they will give you a 100% refund (minus shipping) if you aren’t 100% satisfied. All you need to do is return any unused Niacin Max in its original packaging to Wolfson Berg within 67 days.

Niacin Max Review Conclusion

Niacin Max takes advantage of a unique delivery system so you can be sure that it is the fastest and most powerful niacin supplement there is.

  • It can be taken anywhere without liquid
  • It’s fast acting and is absorbed in just minutes
  • Each strip of Niacin Max contains 75mg of niacin
  • It has a pleasant citrus taste
  • Only causes a mild flush
  • There are no side effects

When you consider that one strip of Niacin Max is the equivalent of 45 100mg niacin pills it would take a lot of money to get the same results that you get with Niacin Max. Not to mention those supplements don’t even come with a money-back guarantee.

Give Niacin Max a try for yourself. If you don’t enjoy it then you can just return any unused Niacin Max within 67 days of your order being delivered, and you get a full refund minus shipping. Click here to buy Niacin Max from its official site.

We hope you have found this Niacin Max Review helpful.

Niacin Max User Reviews

Niacin Max Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5 based on 8 reviews.

Review from Lifetime Niacin User

5 5 1
Due to my health condition, I am a lifetime Niacin capsule user. Switching to Niacin Max was one of the best decisions of my life. Easier to control the dose, this product is also very easy to take, especially on the way to the office if I miss my niacin in the morning. Thank you Sarah for introducing this product.

Not as strong as advertised.

3 5 1
Niacin Max is not as strong as claimed, 45 times stronger? Doubt about it. However I like the strip form as it helps me to control the dosage much easier.

My Niacin Max review

5 5 1
I bought Niacin Max based off the great reviews. I've had no problems with it and I've not had any flushing problems so I recommend them to anyone looking to add niacin to their vitamin regime. Really happy about this product as after taking Niacin Max for a month my blood pressure is down and also my cholesterol are lower with a much better ratio.

Real Niacin, Not Fake

5 5 1
It is real niacin not that a niacin fake stuff. Indeed, this will cause flushing and it should. If niacin doesn't, then it does absolutely nothing for you. The flush goes away after a week of daily use. These product is awesome for maintaining cholesterol levels and you'll never need to worry about it. I do believe NiacinMax also flushes out radiation from the body. No, it won't save you from fallout however it does eliminate it over time. People should be taking this and potassium iodide to protect the thyroid and provide the essential iodide that's deficient in people's diet.

Stay away from SCAM!

5 5 1
Stay away from Niacin scam that doesn't have benefit at all but lobster-like flush.... Choose NiacinMax! Trust me: IT WORKS LIKE HELL!!

Looking for NiacinMax discount code!

5 5 1
Obviously, forget diet pills that are dangerous! You can successfully lose weight with NiacinMax. This product gave me a tremendous power at the gym. It also is a great calorie burner! I feel much healthier than before and the good news: I've managed to lose weight as much as 18 pounds in a month. BTW, does the site offer a discount code for NiacinMax? as the price is quite expensive.

Low and mild flush effect

5 5 1
Very efficient to boost your HGH levels. It gives you only mild or low flush! Highly recommended Niacin supplement!!

Excellent alternative to regular niacin

4 5 1
My husband have had trouble in the past with regular niacin supplement which is slow release niacin that causing an intense, red, itchy rash. Niacin Max is an excellent alternative, you'll have never had this type of reaction when taking this product.

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