Niacin Increases Oxygen Flow to Muscles

Niacin Increases Oxygen Flow

Anyone who knows anything about performing in the gym or competition knows how important it is to keep the muscles well-fed. What do muscles feed on you ask? Oxygen of course!

Oxygen is responsible for 90% of the energy in your body, and it is needed for a lot of tasks. To put it simply; the better your circulation, the better your performance.

Niacin increases oxygen flow to muscles which is one of the key reasons that you need more niacin in your diet. You can get more niacin by eating more niacin rich foods or with the use of supplements such as NiacinMax.

The Importance of Oxygen

Oxygen affects almost every aspect of your body and brain. It boosts your physical performance by keeping your muscles fed, and it feeds the brain to help you make those split second decisions and have the rapid reactions you need to win. While oxygen might be more important to competitive athletes, there are still many benefits for bodybuilders.

Another important aspect of niacin increases oxygen flow to muscles for bodybuilders is that as well as feeding the muscles, oxygen also helps muscles to recover. When you go long in the gym, it can feel like you’ll need a week or two to recover. No pain, no gain after all.

The good news is that you don’t need to subject yourself to all that pain. Or you don’t need to subject yourself to such long recovery times at least. Oxygen helps to repair your muscles and helps you to recover after even a tough workout. It doesn’t matter how hard you go you’ll be back on your feet quicker with the help of oxygen.

Oxygen And Red Blood Cells

So how does niacin increase oxygen flow to muscles? It’s pretty easy to understand really. Niacin increases red blood cell count, and the more red blood cells you have, the more oxygen is being pumped around your body.

Your red blood cells are the oxygen delivery boys of the body, and they make sure your whole body is well oxygenated. If you want to know how important oxygen is to the workout process then just take some deep breaths and see how you feel.

One of the keys to resistance training is to even breathe in during the push/pull and breathe out during the release. It’s because oxygen keeps you going.

Not only does niacin naturally increase red blood cell count to get oxygen around your body but it also increases Human Growth Hormone. One of the many benefits of HGH is that it also stimulates the production of red blood cells. It’s a double whammy of extra oxygen and energy for your muscles!

If you’re looking to perform better in the gym or on the field, just remember that oxygen increases oxygen flow to muscles and you’ll have your answer.

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