NiacinMax and the Flush

NiacinMax and the Flush

If you’ve taken niacin before, then you will know what “niacin flush” is. If you don’t like niacin flush you’ll be glad to hear that NiacinMax causes a much more mild flush than any other niacin supplement you’ve tried. Unfortunately even a mild one can take you by surprise if you aren’t prepared for it.

If you’re using niacin for the first time and you don’t know much about the Niacin flush then here’s some information about what you can expect when you start taking NiacinMax.

What is a Niacin Flush?

About five minutes after taking NiacinMax you’ll feel a tingling sensation across your face and neck. Your skin will also redden a little, and feel a little warm and itchy (as if it was sunburnt). This sensation could also spread further down your body and affect the chest, arms, and hands.

This whole effect is known as “Niacin Flush.” It’s something that happens to everyone and is completely natural, safe, and harmless. Some people even enjoy the feeling of a niacin flush. A niacin flush is also completely temporary and will fade away within roughly ten minutes of starting.

A niacin flush is one of the side effects of NiacinMax. While it will be quite intense the first time you take niacin, it quickly lessens each time as your body builds up a niacin tolerance. The more you take niacin, the less of a flush you will experience.


Eventually, your body becomes so tolerant of niacin that you never flush again. At least, until you stop taking niacin and begin to lose your tolerance. This is why it’s important you see niacin supplementation through to the end.

The Mild NiacinMax Flush

If you were to just go online, you’d find plenty of stories and pictures from people who turned so red from taking niacin they. Look like a lobster, feel like they’ve gotten into a fight with a cactus, and have such a bad niacin flush that they stay inside to avoid people seeing them in such a state.

These horror stories have likely given you second thoughts about NiacinMax, especially if you have had a bad experience with the niacin flush. No one wants to take something they are sure will have an adverse side effect.

Even if you have had a bad niacin flush experience, you shouldn’t let that stop you from giving NiacinMax a try. The flush that NiacinMax causes is much milder than the flush that you get with any other niacin products. At the very least you’ll never end up as red as a lobster.

The reason for this is the biostructure of NiacinMax and the implementation of the dissolving delivery system that sees the niacin absorbed in seconds. Thanks to this you can get the same amount of niacin from a smaller dose and, as such, you have a smaller flush without getting weaker results.

Most people who try NiacinMax are surprised by how mild the flush is when they first try it.

Most Powerful Niacin on the Market

Getting a Niacin Flush Means It’s Working

While getting a niacin flush can be annoying, it’s actually a good sign. If you get the flush, then it’s physical proof that the niacin is good quality and having an effect on your body.

This is because niacin is what is called a vasodilator. This basically means that it expands your blood vessels and opens them up. The wider your blood vessels are, the more blood flows through them. More blood flowing through the body means that more oxygen, nutrients, and hormones reach your cells. It also means that more waste such as carbon dioxide is removed from them, keeping them clean and energized.

There are a few different kinds of the blood vessel. The largest blood vessels are the arteries. These carry the blood away from your heart and send it around the body. The further away from your heart they reach, the smaller these arteries become. At the end of your arteries are tiny blood vessels known as capillaries. The capillaries are actually so small that your blood cells have to go through them in single file.

NiacinMax is so efficient it makes even the smallest capillaries expand so that they can accommodate two or three blood cells at once. Something like this drastically improves the flow of blood through your capillaries, sending more blood to the organs and areas of the body connected to them. Getting more blood to your organs and muscles is one of the main advantages of niacin that makes it so effective.

This capillary expansion causes the niacin flush. Many capillaries are found near the skins surface and blood rushing through them can make your skin redden temporarily.


Remember that getting the flush is a sign that the niacin you’re taking is working. Also, bear in mind that the flush you get from NiacinMax is much milder than with other niacin supplements. It also affects you much faster than niacin flush from other supplements; proving just how effective and bio-available it is.

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